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Utica Rome Speedway ATV Accident Injures Oneida County Youth

An unidentified youth was injured on Sunday while operating an ATV at the Utica Rome Speedway in Vernon. According to the Utica-Observer Dispatch, the youth was injured when the ATV’s tie rod broke, ejecting him from the four-wheeler. He was then struck by the ATV and was transported to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.

ATVs are dangerous. From 1982 through 2007, ATVs have been associated with 333 deaths in the State of New York. New York has laws for the use of ATVs, including a requirement that ATV riders wear a helmet, no passengers unless the ATV is designed for a passenger, no one under 10 years old may ride or operate an ATV, and ATVs may not be operated on highways.

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