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Syracuse Product Liability Lawsuit Filed Against ObTape Manufacturer

A Syracuse woman has filed a product liability lawsuit against Mentor Corporation, the manufacturer of ObTape – intended to combat stress urinary incontinence. Her doctor suggested that she undergo a simple procedure to plug the leak by surgically inserting a “sling” under her urethra.

After the procedure, the leakage stopped. However, the woman began experiencing a bloody vaginal discharge. It turns out that the discharge was caused by the sling, composed of a mesh-like material, was working its way through her vaginal wall. Since the sling penetrated the vaginal wall, the woman has undergone five operation to remove small pieces of the sling. Future surgery will be necessary.

Mentor Corporation was recently acquired by Johnson & Johnson. According to Mentor’s attorney, as reported in the New York Times, “[i]t’s very unfortunate when anyone reports a complication. That being said, these are complications that are well known, that patients are warned about, and are inherent to a surgical procedure that has helped thousands and thousands of people live a better life.

Hundreds of adverse events associated with ObTape have been reported and lawsuits are cropping up around the country. Many experts believe that the ObTape sling was too dense and that it was rushed trough the F.D.A. approval process.

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