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Palermo New York School Bus Accident Impacts Nineteen Student Passengers

A school bus carrying nineteen student passengers was involved in a traffic accident last week according to a Post-Standard story on A local woman lost control of her pick-up truck and collided with the bus on Route 264 in Palermo, New York. According to the Oswego County Sheriff’s department, the bus driver attempted to steer around the pick-up but was unable to completely avoid contact with the truck. The truck struck the bus twice before coming to a stop. Fortunately, neither the students nor the two drivers were seriously injured in the crash. Sheriff’s deputies issued no tickets, as the cause of the accident was determined to be a combination of inclement weather conditions and unsafe speed, among other factors.

Traffic accidents are far more likely to occur when the weather turns cold and drivers have to deal with ice and snow covered roads, and the news report above serves as a reminder how easily accidents can occur during the winter, particularly those that involve larger vehicles like school and commercial buses. Bottar Law, PLLC has decades of experience helping the victims of bus accidents and, while thankfully, no one was severely injured in this latest bus crash, those involved were lucky to escape the incident unharmed. School bus accidents, like those involving other forms of mass transportation, are particularly serious due to the large number of passengers and the lack of safety belts for those passengers. Therefore, when such a wreck does occur, the damage and injuries can be catastrophic. If you or a loved have been injured in a school or charter bus accident, you should contact a Syracuse New York bus accident attorney to learn your rights.

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