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Onondaga Lake Parkway Railroad Bridge Involved In Another Accident, No Injuries Reported

In what has become an unsettling trend, WSYR reports that another traffic accident has occurred on the Onondaga Lake Parkway where the CSX railroad bridge crosses over the roadway. Over the weekend, a rental truck struck the railroad bridge, which in turn ripped the roof off the truck and scattered debris onto the roadway. The incident occurred at the same location as the Megabus accident that claimed four lives last fall, though no injuries were reported from this latest occurrence. The bridge is adorned with blinking lights and signs to warn drivers of the low clearance, but accidents continue to plague the area.

In response to this latest accident, New York transportation officials have reiterated their intent to investigate any and all possible solutions to the problem. Hopefully the transit authorities will find a solution that will prevent future accidents and keep drivers on the Onondaga Lake Parkway safe.

The railway bridge and underlying roadway may present an unavoidable danger to those who drive on the Parkway. While, undoubtedly, the incidents that have occurred were the result of many factors, the accidents may have been caused in part by road and bridge design, as opposed to simple driver negligence. When crashes happen under these conditions, it is extremely important for crash victims to contact a Syracuse, New York injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure that rights to recovery are protected. A lawyer can evaluate the circumstances that led to your injuries and help you pursue all the parties at fault. With an attorney’s help, you are better able to pursue your legal interests and make decisions that are ultimately right for you.

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