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Syracuse Wrongful Death Lawyers Review New York Car Accident Statistics

According to a recent report issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), teen car accident deaths nationwide, including in New York, have declined over the past 5 years by nearly 40%. This is great news for parents around the country, as well as those who have been injured in a car accident with a teen driver. Education aimed at safe teen driving is starting to work.

“The statistics are reassuring,” said Michael A. Bottar, Esq., a Syracuse personal injury lawyer with Bottar Law, PLLC, “but nearly 10,000 teens were killed in car accidents between 2004 and 2008. This is far too many. We need to do more, as a New York wrongful death lawsuit cannot not bring back a lost child.”

The CDC study revealed that 50% of teen car accidents involved only one car. 42% involved two cars and 8% involved three or more cars. 87% of the crashes resulted in one fatality. 65% of the teen drivers were male. Teen car accidents in New York and New Jersey were among the lowest in the nation. New York and New Jersey have restrictive licensing laws which include limitations on passengers and teen driving at night.

“When we accept a case that involves a motorist badly injured in a car accident in Syracuse, one of the first things we do is investigate the driver of the car. Teenagers have very little experience driving, and are frequently distracted by music, passengers, cellphones and text messaging. Sometimes alcohol and rugs are also an issue.”

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