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New York Tractor Trailer Accidents Should Decrease With I-81 Corridor Coalition

New York State Route 81 is a 183 mile highway that runs from the Pennsylvania State line to the Canadian border at the 1000 Islands, through Broome, Cortland, Onondaga, Oswego and Jefferson counties.

The heavily traveled highway, with more than 150 exits, is a main thoroughfare for tractor trailers traveling north and south across New York. According to New York tractor trailer accident lawyer Michael A. Bottar, an attorney with Bottar Law, PLLC, a law firm handling claims for those injured in a car accident on Route 81, “tired tractor trailer drivers are having a difficult time finding open resting places. The I-81 Corridor Coalition was formed, in part, to address the lack of a system to inform drowsy truckers where they can stop to rest or sleep.”

Statistically, commercial truck drivers drive for longer periods of time and for greater distances than most motorists. When tractor trailer drivers are tired behind the wheel, the risk of a crash that can result in a wrongful death or serious injury increases. “For this reason, state and federal authorities have regulations that limit the number of hours that a trucker can drive without taking a break,” said Anthony S. Bottar, Esq., a New York truck crash attorney with decades of experience representing New York tractor-trailer accident victims and their families in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits throughout the Northeast. Bottar added that “a system that notifies truckers where they can rest should help direct tired truckers off of the road where they can present a danger to passing motorists.”

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