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New York Workplace Injuries Going Unreported

Syracuse jobsite accidents causing workplace injuries are common. According to the Department of Labor, countless workplace injuries occur every year, leading to tens of thousands of injured workers. Those most likely to suffer a workplace injury include construction workers, those working around machinery, and those involved in manufacturing and transportation.

According to a new study by the United States Government Accountability Office, many company doctors under pressure from employers are concealing workplace injuries. In extreme cases, company doctors are providing inadequate medical care to injured workers. According to a GAO survery:

* 1/3 of company doctors interviewed reported being directed by employers to provide inadequate care to injured employees to improve the appearance of company injury report logs;

* 1/2 of company doctors interviewed reported receiving pressure from company officials to minimize worker illnesses and laborer injuries; and

* 2/3 of company doctors interviewed reported knowing about employees who did not report workplace injuries because they feared company discipline.

One example of collusion between company officials and company doctors to better company safety records is the treatment of cuts. Workplace lacerations that are closed with stitches must be reported to OSHA. However, cuts that are closed with a bandage are not reported. Another example is the certification of a workplace injury, even a very serious injury, as one that requires only “first aid.” Injuries treated by “first aid” need not be reported.

Tom O’Connor, executive director of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, commented on the GAO’s findings. He stated that they were “dramatic,” adding: “If healthcare professionals are being asked to not record injuries properly, then we have a pretty broken system.”

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