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Work Zone Accidents Are Top Priority For New York State Troopers and DOT

Highway and roadway work zones, which are the areas along many Central New York Roadways now marked by orange cones and hazard signs, are dangerous for all involved. Hundreds of car accidents occur every year in and around work zones. Many of those accidents are driver vs. driver, such as when one operator fails to slow for a work zone and rear-ends another driver. Others are driver only, such as when an operator loses control of his or her car because of construction underway at a work zone, e.g., a pavement drop off.

A handful of accidents are driver vs. construction worker, such as when a careless operator strikes a construction worker performing his or her job along the side of a roadway. Last year, there were 18 work zone related accidents – three construction workers lost their lives. A fatal work zone accident occurred in Chenango County in 2005, when a tour bus operator drove crashed the bus into a work zone and killed three construction workers.

According to the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York State Police, work zone accidents are avoidable if drivers pay attention. Under the Work Zone Safety Act of 2005, Troopers are strictly enforcing work zone speed limits to ensure that construction workers, who are responsible for maintaining our roadways, return to their families at the end of each day. The Act increased penalties and fines for work areas throughout New York State. As few as two violations can result in a New York State license suspension.

From the New York State Department of Transportation website, please remember to slow for work zones, obey posted speed limits, maintain safe distances between you and other drivers, maintain safe distances between you and construction workers, and be courteous.

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