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New York Train Crash Claims Life of Tractor Trailer Driver

Your News Now reports that an Amtrak passenger train traveling from Cleveland, Ohio to Albany, New York collided with a tractor trailer in Dunkirk last week. The driver of the semi-truck was killed in the accident, though neither the train’s crew members nor any of its 236 passengers were injured in the crash.

Police reported that the driver of the truck attempted to drive around a lowered track crossing gate when the cab of his truck was struck by the train that was traveling over sixty miles per hour. Passengers said they felt the impact of the collision, but were otherwise unaware of what had occurred until several hours later.

Trains are a part of every day life here in central New York, and while they are a necessary and useful part of our transportation infrastructure, they also pose a threat to passengers, pedestrians, and motor vehicles. Because trains are heavy and travel at high speeds, when railway accidents occur, they usually have devastating consequences.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a train collision, you should speak with a trained New York railroad accident lawyer as soon as possible. Train accidents have unique legal issues, and an attorney can analyze the circumstances of your case to provide sound legal advice to ensure that your rights are preserved.

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