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Syracuse Construction Worker Falls During Landmark Theatre Renovations, Saved by Safety Harness

The Post-Standard via reports that a construction worker fell from a steel beam six stories above the ground while working on renovations of the Landmark Theatre last weeek. Fortunately, the man’s fall was arrested by his safety equipment, but he was forced to dangle at the end of an 8 foot harness for over an hour while waiting to be rescued. The accident occurred during the demolition portion of the renovation, when a large piece of concrete pinned the worker’s safety line to the beam. During the rescue effort, a co-worker first attached a second safety line, then he and local firefighters were able to lower the worker to the ground with a cherry-picker. The man was eventually taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Construction accidents like these happen far more often than you would think, and while the worker in this case escaped unharmed, in many other instances the victims are not nearly so lucky. Such mishaps can result in serious injuries, including chronic pains, loss of a limb, paraplegia, and even death. Safety harnesses, hard hats, and other safety protocols are put in place to prevent such injuries at construction sites, but accidents still inevitably occur. If you were injured on the job, it is in your best interest to speak with a Syracuse New York construction accident attorney immediately. A trained lawyer can apprise you of your rights and help you pursue a course of action in your best interests.

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