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Syracuse Bus Crash Lawyers Review New York CSX Bridge Accident In Onondaga

At 2:30 a.m. this morning, a double-decker bus heading from Philadelphia to Toronto, with stops in Syracuse, New York, and Buffalo, crashed into a CSX railroad bridge located over County Route 370, also known as the Onondaga Lake Parkway. The Syracuse bus crash caused the death of four passengers. Several others were injured in the Onondaga highway bus accident and have been transported to area hospitals, including Syracuse University Hospital.

According to Syracuse roadway defect lawyer, Anthony S. Bottar, Esq., this is not the first time that a bus or truck has made contact with the low-clearance railroad bridge that passes over the Parkway. While CR 370 has signs and lights warning motorists of the low-clearance bridge, accidents occur there almost on an annual basis. According to Syracuse bus accident lawyer, Michael A. Bottar, Esq., “given the number of accidents that occur at this location, we are concerned about whether the bridge signage is adequate and whether the County and others have taken appropriate steps to ensure that the roadway is safe for motorists, especially those from out of town.”

Many trucking and bus companies are aware of the low-clearance bridges and plan routes around the Parkway to prevent contact with the bridge’s sub-structure. Several websites mark low clearance bridges in New York State, including this site managed by the American Independent Truckers Association. According to Megabus company executives, the bus was off of its scheduled course at the time of the accident. Megabus is operated by Coach, USA.

If you or a loved one were injured in this morning’s Coach Megabus Parkway accident, please note that you may have only 90 days to file paperwork to preserve your right to seek compensation from Onondaga County or other municipality.

Since 1983, the Bottar Law, PLLC legal team has prosecuted complex bus, truck and roadway defect cases, including instances where poor signage or negligent design caused severe personal injuries and death. Examples of our mass casualty cases can be found here, including the 2002 Marcy Bridge collapse, which globally resolved for more than $15,000,000.00, and the 2006 I-88 Binghamton landslides, with litigation ongoing. To speak with our team, contact us.

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