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DOD and VA Research Into Concussions and TBI Welcomed By Syracuse Brain Injury Lawyer

The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs recently announced that they are investing additional resources into research, prevention, early detection, outreach and treatment for concussions, post-concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injuries. The goal is to provide better care for service members and veterans suffering from a traumatic brain injury or coping with post-concussion sundrome.

According to Air Force Colonel (Dr.) Michael Jaffee, who recently spoke to the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, said that the two departments will coordinate their efforts to better understand brain injuries through clinical trials and published research. One way the departments plan to better treat brain injuries is to implement mandatory concussion screenings for all service members who could have suffered a brain injury due to an accident or incident. Stated differently, everyone at risk for a concussion will be examined for signs of brain damage.

New efforts to diagnose and treat brain injuries will include a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and, in conjunction with a bill recently signed by President Obama, will enable many service members to receive care at home. Inevitably, better military care will translate into better medical care for civilians, including those who suffer a brain injury in a car accident, or brain damage from a construction site fall.

Every day, people are injured in car accidents and at work. If you have been diagnosed with a concussion following a car accident, or brain damage due to a construction site fall, you may be entitled to compensation for damage that flows from a blow to your head, such as an inability to work because of cognitive deficits. Contact us to discuss your potential case at (833) 268-8277 or by email at

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