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School Bus Accident In Camillus Injures Onondaga Teen Who Struck Bus From Behind

Earlier today, a Syracuse area teenager was hospitalized after rear-ending a school bus on Kasson Road in the County of Onondaga. According to the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, the school bus was stopped with red lights flashing when a seventeen (17) year old drove into the back of the bus. The 17 year old struck the bus with enough force to wedge his car underneath the rear bumper of the bus. Rescue crews were called to the scene to pull the negligent driver from the wreckage.

As many as 500,000 school buses transport newarly 24,000,000 children to and from school each day. While school bus accidents are common, the damage is usually minor and where there are injuries, they usually are to the driver of a car that came into contact with the bus (67%) or with a pedestrian (25%), and not to school bus passengers (9%).

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