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Roof Collapses at the Metrodome, None are Injured

As most football fans are aware, this past weekend, the roof of the Minneapolis Metrodome collapsed on Sunday afternoon. The Associated Press reports that the collapse occurred during a snowstorm caused by winter weather that has affected much of the Midwestern United States over the past several days. The inflatable roof of the Metrodome collapsed after seventeen inches of snow fell on Minneapolis on Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully, no one was injured when the incident occurred. The collapse is the second roof failure that the Metrodome has endured since its construction in 1982.

The Metrodome roof failure is getting plenty of media coverage due to its impact on America’s most popular sport, but Bottar Law is always researching and tracking structural failures that occur in lower profile circumstances. Engineering and architectural malpractice is more common than most think, and many people are injured every year as a result of negligent building design and construction. Structural failures usually result in significant property damage and the victims who are hurt by those failures can suffer severe and lifelong injuries.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of architectural negligence or an engineering error, seeking the aid of a legal professional is advisable. A New York engineering and architectural malpractice attorney can evaluate your case, provide legal counsel, and formulate a course of action that can help get you compensated for your injuries. Not all victims are entitled to legal relief, but a lawyer can inform you of your rights after an accident and help get you on the road to recovery.

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