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Goodyear Wrangler SA Tire Recall Follows Reports of Tread Separation

According to, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has recalled approximately 41,000 tires manufactured in 2009. The recall covers Wrangler Silent Armor tire sizes LT235/80R17 LRE, LT325/60R18 LRE, LT275/70R18 LRE, LT265/70R17 LRE, LT245/75R17 LRE and LT285/70R17 LRD.

Apparently, some of the tires may experience partial tread area separation. In its letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Goodyear said that “[u]se of these tires in severe conditions could result in partial tread separation which could lead to vehicle damage or a motor vehicle crash.”

If a tire’s tread were to separate while the vehicle was in motion, there could be a blow-out or loss of control, followed by injury to the vehicle’s occupants. If this happened in the State of New York, an injured driver passenger may have a claim against the manufacturer. This type of claim, for a dangerous or defective product, is known as a product liability lawsuit.

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