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New York State DOT to Fix and Replace State’s Aging Bridges

Bridge and roadway defects and failures have received extensive media coverage recently both in New York and across the country due to the Syracuse bus accident that occurred in Onondaga this past September. More information about this accident can be found in previous posts here on the Syracuse Injury Lawyer Blog. Bottar Law, PLLC is saddened by this accident and is anxious to help the victims of the bus crash with their legal claims stemming from the preventable crash. Our attorneys are currently investigating the circumstances of the accident for the benefit of our clients. In the course of this investigation, we discovered that the New York State Department of Transportation is taking significant action to make New York’s roads and bridges safer for those who use them.

According to an Associated Press story on, the DOT plans to spend almost 3.5 billion dollars on fixing and replacing almost four hundred bridges in the state. The renovations are needed because New York’s over seventeen thousand bridges have been in service for an average of forty-six years, and their continued operation is crucial to the state’s transportation infrastructure. The DOT inspects every bridge at least once every two years and knows that the need for more bridgework will only increase as time goes on.

While the DOT does its job well, no administrative body is perfect. Because of that infallibility, people are injured on New York’s roadways every year. As experienced bridge and roadway failure attorneys, Bottar Law, PLLC is pleased to see that the state of New York is spending the money to keep our roads safe. However, if you were injured while driving because of engineering or architectural negligence, you should contact a Syracuse accident attorney as soon as possible to learn about your rights.

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