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New York Distracted Driving Summit Scheduled To Follow Syracuse Bus Accident Involving Megabus and Liverpool Train Bridge

As Syracuse bus accident lawyers, we were the first Central New York personal injury law firm to discuss the September 11, 2010 Megabus accident in Liverpool, New York. In our blog post, entitled Syracuse Bus Crash Lawyers Review New York CSX Bridge Accident in Onondaga, and our press release entitled Syracuse Bus Accident Lawyers Report September 11 Coach Megabus Collision With Low-Clearance Train Bridge In Liverpool New York, we commented on various aspects of liability for the wrongful death of four and injury to dozens, including reports that the bus driver was using a personal GPS at the time the 13’0″ tall bus collided with a 10’9″ high train bridge.

Since that time, distracted driving in Syracuse has received a great deal of attention. Under particular scrutiny are New York public transportation drivers. Last week, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority cited 178 bus drivers for distracted driving. Infractions included text-messaging, eating and even reading while driving bus passengers through city streets. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is reportedly holding a Distracted Driving summit this week. Reports suggest that Secretary LaHood will be stressing rules that prohibit bus drivers and truck drivers from texting on the job, as well as rules that prevent train engineers from using cell phones and other electronic devices while operating passenger and freight trains.

Bus accident cases can be complicated and may take time to prove, especially if experts are needed to recreate the events that preceded the collision and the forces that caused the injury. Who you hire to represent you is critical. When you select a lawyer, make sure s/he is properly qualified, with a history of results. To contact the Bottar Law, PLLC, legal team call (833) 268-8277, or email us at

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