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Logger Seriously Injured at Jobsite near Turin, New York

On Tuesday morning, a man was injured in a logging accident near Turin, New York according to a Post-Standard report on The man sustained several serious injuries, including a broken spine, collarbone, and ribs while trying to cut down a large conifer tree. Thankfully the man is now in stable condition after being rescued and airlifted to a nearby hospital by the local sheriff’s department

In higher risk professions like logging, mining, and construction, mishaps and injuries are all too common. Injuries on the job are not only limited to dangerous occupations, however, and accidents occur in most every industry. No matter how many safety precautions are taken, mistakes are made, equipment fails, and people get hurt in workplace accidents every year. This news story shows just how severe the consequences of an unsafe work environment can be, and the injuries suffered by the victim will no doubt require a sizable amount of medical care. Treatment is expensive, and the workers compensation system is quite complex to navigate without help. If you were injured on the job, the aid of a Syracuse New York workplace accident attorney provides invaluable guidance and advice that will help get you the medical services you need and get you back to work.

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