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Injured Potsdam Woman Stable Following New York Front Loader Accident

“For nearly three decades, Bottar Law, PLLC has represented people throughout the State, like 27 year old Erin Freitag, who have been injured by a municipal employee,” said Syracuse personal injury lawyer Michael A. Bottar, Esq. “Sometimes municipal employees are negligent, usually by failing to properly maintain a roadway (leading to an accident), or for failing to timely remove snow/ice accumulation but, from time-to-time, we are asked to represent people involved in an incident with a municipal dump truck, garbage truck, plow or piece of heavy equipment.”

According to the Watertown Daily Times, Ms. Freitag was walking through an Elm Street parking lot on March 18, 2011 when she was run over by the back tires of a Potsdam Department of Public Works front loader. Whether the Village DPW is liable for Ms. Freitag’s injuries will depend on how the accident occurred. Even if media reports suggesting that Ms. Freitag was distracted are true, that does not mean that the Village does not owe her a duty of care.

“Anyone can make a mistake at any time,” Bottar added. “Even an employee with a perfect safety record. Years ago, we represented a woman who was run over by a street sweeper. She was, literally, sucked-up into the machine. True story! When municipal employees finally found her inside the street sweeper bin, she was badly injured. That employee had a good safety record, but the woman should not have been run-over.”

If you were involved in an accident with a town, county, or state vehicle, whether it was a car, tuck, van, SUV, dump truck, plow, or some other piece of construction equipment or heavy machinery, and you would like to know whether you are entitled to compensation for your losses, contact Bottar Law, PLLC at (833) 268-8277 or by email at

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