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Another Syracuse Ladder Fall Accident Triggers OSHA Investigation In Salina New York

According to Syracuse ladder accident attorney Michael A. Bottar, Esq., of Bottar Law, PLLC, “hundreds of ladder accidents happen every year despite OSHA regulations that require companies to make ladders safe for construction workers to use.” Some of those regulations are discussed in our recent release titled Syracuse Ladder Accident Lawyers Discuss New York Construction Site Fall and OSHA Injury Statistics.

A shocking 127 people died in 2009 due to falling of a ladder. That number rose to 129 in 2010. Fortunately, a ladder accident that occurred yesterday on Old Liverpool Road in the Town of Salina, did not result in a fatality.

Even so, worker Richard Coe was badly injured. reports that Coe, 49, fell approximately twenty-five (25) feet to the ground when the aluminum ladder he was working from tipped over. Coe, who was employed by Landmark Constracting & Development Co., sustained a traumatic head injury and back injury. OSHA and Syracuse construction accident lawyers will be investigating the accident.

“New York State Labor Law section 240 may apply to this accident. While a worker cannot file a claim against his/her employer, the Labor Law gives construction workers special rights to recover from property owners and general contractors,” Bottar said.

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